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The rites of the Incas: Prayer to the creator. Learn to translate

Aticsi-wiracochan (caylla) caylla-wiracochan tocapo ac nupo wiracochan camachuraq qharicachun warmicachun ñispallurac ruraq camasqayki churasqayki casilla quespilla canca musac maipimkanki awapichu ukhupichu pusupichu llantupichu huyariway yuiway ymaypachacama haycaypachacama cancachiway mask´ariway hatalliway caycustayri chasquiway may piscapapas wiracochaya.

O creator! (O conquering Wiracocha! Ever present Wiracocha!) Thou who art without equal unto the ends of the earth! Thou who givest life and strenght to mankind, saying, let this be a man and let this be a woman: And as thou seyest, so thou givest life, an vouchsafest that men shall live in health and peace, and free from danger:- Thou who dwellest in the heights of heaven, in the thunder, and in the storm clouds, hear us! and grant us eternal life. Have us in thy keeping, and receive this our offering, as it shall please thee, O creator!

caylla (kaylla): near or "to be here"
kay: to be, here, this
lla: nominal suffix: mean "ounly".

qhari: man
ca: nominal suffix, emphazise to the word
chun: verbal suffix, indicate to imperative

warmi: woman
ca: nominal suffix, emphazise to the word
chun: verbal suffix, indicate to imperative of third person

ñispa: gerund of verb say: saying
llu, perhaps is lla: mean "ounly"
raq: adverb. mean "still"

rura-q: creator, who do something
ruray: verb, mean "to do"
q: suffix, activ participle.

cama-sqa-yki: "your governed"
camay: verb. mean "to govern"
sqa: pasiv participle
yki: posesiv suffix, "your"

chura-sqa-yki: "your put"
churay: verb. mean "to put precisely"
sqa: pasiv participle
yki: posesiv suffix, "your"

maipim kanki: where are you
maypim: where
kanki: are you?

Pi: suffix, indicate place, "
in the storm"
chu: suffix of question

wa: me
huyariway, mean "listen me",
y: verb suffix, indicate imperative of second person,

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